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VIC2VAN.COM : Recruitment - Work & Advertising Opportunities

CALL 24/7 : 778-882-3090 or 250-590-8477


Work , Advertising & Touring Opportunities

Are you an independent escort thinking of additional ways to help grow your business?
Are you currently working at an escort agency, but considering other options?
Have you been thinking about working as an escort for the first time?

All of the V2V ladies are working for their own personal choices and each has her own desires and goals.
Our girls love their job and want to help improve the industry, while bettering their own quality of life.
If you love meeting new people, have an excellent work ethics, are reliable and can follow procedure, we
would love to talk to you.

If you've had enough of "struggling to make rent" and you're ready to start enjoying your life, then
Vic2Van and our sister companies may be the right place for you start doing just that. If you have
ever thought about being an escort as a career, not just a job, then you may be what "we're looking for."

Vic2Van. is not interested in women who think of clients as "dumb tricks" or that "getting by on one's
looks" is OK. We want clean, healthy, happy and drug free ladies who want to be recognized for their
service, attitude, and attention to detail. The best Escort / Independents in this industry know this
career choice is a very special calling. Not everyone has what it takes (desire, passion, focus, drive)
to be a sucessful escort. Successful Escorts in this business are not just born, they are created
from lots of hard work, devotion, and passion.

Vic2Van is a female owned and opertated escort refferal agency for local independent service providers.
Being a small tight knit crew of girls, we are constantly working together (duos, stags etc.), which gives
an over all relaxed and freindly working environment. As a part of our independent group, you will set
your own work hours (we answer phones 24/7), pick your own location (shared,your own or outcall only),
and determine your own rates and menu. We have no advertising fees, fines, or book-ons, and offer bonus'
for recomending our service to your girlfriends. A large % of our clients are regulars - some of the best
clients in the city, each and every one is a respectful gentlemen. As an added advantage we are friends with
sister agencies in Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton for those of you who wish to travel for a working holiday.


* Prebooks / Instant Bookings
* Additional Exposure Through Advertising
* Lowest House Rates in Town (aprox 20% vrs 40%)
* Make More Money per Call (set your own rates)
* Flexible Shifts / Schedules (work when you want)
* Orientation / Tips / Tricks of the Trade (for newbies)
* Great Co-Workers / Drivers / Phones Answered 24/7
* Support to be Fully Independent (have your own website etc.)
* Skilled Management / Marketing Managers
* Enthusiastic Promotion (of your looks/service)
* Client Screening / Detailed Black List (your saftey is our main concern)
* Higher Profile / Respect (through reputations of co-workers)
* Opportunities / Networking - (leads from other girls)
* Group Medical / Dental Coverage (includes travel and life insurance)
* Travel Opertunites (Calgary / Edmonton / Victoria)


01) Non Drug Addicted / Alcoholic Free, Healthy Girls
02) Respect for the Group, the Clients, and Yourself
03) Service Minded Personality / Must Enjoy the Job


CERF.CA #1 :
"Harvi runs a tight ship.Typically you get more mileage and
better bang for your buck (pun intended) then at the Den.

CERF.CA #2 :
"They don't get any better than Harvi. She has a knack for sure."

PERB.CA #1 :
"I've had pretty good success with Vic2Van,
Harvi has always recommended decent ladies "

PERB.CA #2 :
"When I come over here to work in Vancouver, I choose to work with, and not for, Harvi.
I get to charge whatever I want, and she is more than fair in the amount she asks from me.
She also makes my life easier here, because she does all the phone work, advertises for me,
provides very nice accomidations and incall location, and is just really nice to be around.
She is also very respectful to the fact that I am independent, and get to take breaks whenever I want, etc.
...written by MIA"

Want more info? Contact Harvi via phone or email to set up an interview today.
Applicants must have 2 peices of valid Goverment Photo ID, and be at least 19 yrs old.


CALL 24/7 : (778) 882-3090 or (250) 590 - 8477

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